Voluntary Immersion Programme

Voluntary Immersion Programme

Andhra Jesuit Province provides volunteer opportunities to people (18 yrs old onwards) from  abroad through Voluntary Immersion Programme (VIP). VIP provides placements in communities of all sizes, from rural villages to big cities, so you could be living in either an urban or rural setting. The volunteers usually stay with the local religious community and share in their mission work.

Accommodation will vary depending on location, but wherever you are staying we will make sure it is safe and has all the basic amenities you need. However, it is important that you are prepared for basic living conditions and are adaptable to those conditions.

The immersion experiences are aimed towards a lasting impact, both on local communities and on individual volunteers. VIP  enables you to  challenge yourself, experience another culture and develop an attitude of being  'GRATEFUL'.

The acceptance of the other with respect and being open minded  to learn and give is what VIP works towards.

Come and Immerse yourself to change your world

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