Vocational, Social and Life Skills Programmes

Vocational, Social and Life Skills Programmes

The unorganised youth are outside the formal set up such as schools, colleges, universities or any other organised support system. They are not part of the formal set up, though they dream to be, due to their disadvantaged background or environment to which they are born into or pushed. This reality of life makes or mars their personality and life vision. Unfortunately, the stark reality of these young people is that they are “No Where” though they are “Some Where”. The truth is that they too have dreams, skills, talents, gifts and will. They just need OPPORTUNITIES.

YESJ works towards bridging this widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who have been robbed of their opportunities. YESJ works to enhance their capacity to undertake self-employment as well as access to employment with a stable salary through the trades like - Electrical, Welding, Mechanical, tailoring, designing, computer skills, photography, videography  Nursing Assistant, Hospitality (Housekeeping) etc…

In order for these young people to live confidently and courageously, putting behind their growth stunting aspects of life, YESJ helps them acquire the necessary social and life skills with an aim to build up their self-worth and self-identity.

YESJ encourage the young people to develop their inherent capabilities, identify and articulate their strengths and constraints, and develop solutions to solve them in a self-directed manner. We engage in one-to-one dialogue with them and guide them to learn from their life experiences and take responsibility for their own advancement, as well as that of their families and communities.