We accompany two types of young people: the school and college going young people and the unorganised/disadvantaged/drop out young people. The following programmes define of what we do. They are a means of reaching out to the young at different level and empower them to better life.

Men & Women Aiming Greater Initiatives             for Change (MAGIC YOUTH)

MAGIC is a Student Youth Wing of YES-J set up in education institutions to create an opportunity for young people to be men and women of Conscience, Competence, Compassion and Commitment and be the Agents of Change through a systematic approach with Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Contextual, Intellectual, and Creative Integration.

Voluntary Immersion Programme (VIP)

YES-J provides volunteer opportunities to people (18 yrs old onwards) from local cities and abroad through Voluntary Immersion Programme (VIP) in communities of all sizes, from rural villages to big cities, so that one could be living in either an urban or rural setting. VIP enables to challenge oneself, experience another culture and develop an attitude of being  'GRATEFUL'.

  Multi Skill Training (MuST)

Enabling the disadvantaged young people to live confidently and courageously, putting behind their growth stunting aspects of life, YES-J passionately works to enhance their capacity to undertake self-employment and to build up their self-worth and self-identity through free Multi Skill Training (MuST).


During every summer three to four weeks of Free English Coaching Classes are conducted for the poor and disadvantaged youth to enhance their English language skills. It also aims at developing their soft and social skills.


It is the news letter of YES-J circulated every three months that reflects YES-J's mission, activities and programmes  through succinct and felicitous photographs.

Personal Enhancement Programmes (PEP) 

Personal Enhancement Programmes are offered to youth of any institution or organized group on invitation to educate and empower them to be confident in facing the challenges and difficulties of life.