The Society of Jesus (Popularly called as Jesuits) is an international religious order of men within the Catholic Church. It was founded in 1540 by the soldier-turned-mystic Ignatius Loyola and his nine well educated companions. Today there are around 18,000 priests and brothers present in over 100 countries serving God’s creation as priests, brothers, missionaries, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, chaplains, astronomers, scientists, sociologists, social workers, social activists, theologians, philosophers, psychologists, artists, musicians, composers, poets, writers, technicians, archaeologists and so on. In our varied ministries, we care for the whole person: body, mind, and soul. 

We draw on the rich tradition of Ignatian spirituality to help ourselves and others to discern God’s presence and work in our lives. As contemplatives in action, we bring this spirituality into the wider human context as we strive for social justice, peace and dialogue. In all our actions we seek to promote the “Greater glory of God” with the emphasis on the word “Greater” (Magis in Latin). In all situations we try to discern the path which will serve God and those in need in the best possible way.

Our collaboration with others flows from our personal RELATIONSHIPS with God. In partnering and working with our friends and partners, we reach out to the world with all its complexities and uniqueness. From experience and reflection, we know that meaning, value, and divine purpose can be discovered "in all things as God dwells in all things." 

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