(Jesuit Youth Ministry - South Asia)

How did it come about?

  • JYMSA was established by the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) in 1994 after a serious of consultation, meetings and discussions with those involved and interested in youth work in different provinces of the South Asian Assistancy.  Youth work was not considered as an official ministry nor was it given any priority in most provinces. Acknowledging the importance, seriousness and its implications, the JCSA responded positively and approved the vision, goal and objectives of the Jesuit Youth Ministry in South Asia (JYMSAO in 1997).


  • The Vision of this ministry in the light of our option for faith and justice is to accompany the youth, especially the unorganized and the marginalized in their integral growth and their empowerment, to contribute to the creation of a more just and fraternal world based on the Gospel values and the liberative forces of other Religions.

Objectives of JYMSA

  • To encourage, motivate and train Jesuits and our collaborators to proactively get involved in ministering the youth of South Asia.
  • To coordinate existing youth works, and to provide integral growth opportunities to the youth through various programmes and experiences.
  • To empower, support and guide the oppressed and unreached youth, especially from the marginalized groups such as the dalits, tribals, women and the displaced       youth both in rural and urban areas.
  • To ensure effective development and mobilization of the youth through various ministries, especially the educational, pastoral and social apostolates
  • To network and collaborate with like-minded groups and movements.