The Telugu speaking states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India consist of almost 85 million people of which a vast majority of them are young. Most of the rural, semi urban and slum areas of young people encounter the hard realities of poverty, lack of education, unemployment, casteism, gender discrimination, social inequality etc. The prevailing socio-economic and political inequality in society is a depressing reality. As a result, millions of youth and their dreams, hopes and creative energies are directly affected and destroyed.


These young people particularly the disadvantaged need to be attended to on priority basis. We begin to see from the various episodes around the country, ‘Youth Cry’ is becoming ‘Youth shrill noise’, leading to ‘Youth outburst’. Before it turns into ‘Youth shrug’, we have to address their concerns of identity, relationships, self-dignity, social skills, unemployment and faith, in our own little way.

The existing structures and associations try to reach the educated section of the youth, and still much more can be done. But there is an entire sector of poor and unorganised youth especially in our villages and slums. They can be not only be the object of formation but could themselves become active agents of change if their energies, aptitudes, gifts and talents are better channelized. Therefore, it is our top priority to accompany them in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 


Youth Empowering Service-Jesuits’(YESJ) mission aims to bring social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and practical help to those young people in need irrespective of their caste, religion and social background. We aim to create for both these categories of organised and unorganised youth to come together- to be sensitised to each other’s needs and concerns, to be of support and solidarity in each other’s struggles, and to reflect on concerns that affect one and all. We resolve ourselves to help the youth in need to realize their dreams through education, vocational training, leadership programmes, personality development programmes, life skills and spirituality.